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Environmental Sustainability

All Sonata fabrics are designed and manufactured to world's best manufacturing practices. Our Healthcare products have a working life of 10 years or more in the most demanding conditions, they are designed to last, not be disposed of after a single use contributing to landfill. Made of 100% polyester our products can be garnetted for recycling and reuse. Our Anti-Microbial treatment is plant based and has been independently tested to be effective even after 100 commercial laundry cycles. It is free of heavy metals, non-leaching, non migrating and importantly is not consumed by micro-organisms which can harm our air streams and waterways.

Our manufacturing facility in Melbourne dyes, weaves, coats and finishes all of its products in house under strict quality and environmental protocols. No formaldehyde, carcinogenic dyes, metal based or chrome dyes are used in the processing of products. They have already moved to C6 fluoro-carbons and are moving towards Halogen free FR treatments. Our mill uses the Oeko-Tex 100 quality label and the ISO standards 9001, 14001 and 26000 as a guide to ensure its quality, social responsibility and environmental systems, and, has in place energy and water saving plans.


As with any manufacturing there is waste associated with the production of products. Our mill has a strict policy of recycling as much waste as possible on site with the balance sent for reprocessing to be used in the manufacture of new products. Our healthcare fabrics have been developed over many years and have a minimum working life of 10 or more years. Being made of 100% polyester they can be completely recycled or garnetted for further use.

Anti Microbial / Anti Bacterial Treatment

We use Fresche Anti-Microbial treatment where specified. Unlike silver based treatments used on disposable textiles, Fresche is totally organic and is applied during the manufacturing process.  Fresche is a non leaching technology. This immediately differentiates Fresche from many competitor products, which leach or detach from the surface on which they are applied. Fresche is now challenging the dominance of conventional antimicrobials on their key points of risk and concern. These include their chemical volatility, harmful compounds including organo and heavy metals [silver], their instability, toxicity, flammability, poor record in workplace safety, end user health impacts and quite importantly environmental bio-accumulation. Full independent test reports are available on request. For more information please go to -

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